StaffBridge was created in response to an overwhelming demand from healthcare clients and staffing companies alike, for a comprehensive workforce management solution. With laser focus on Workforce Management technology, StaffBridge provides freedom from cumbersome processes and broken systems through two powerful technology platforms created to build a bridge between hard working people and a world full of opportunity.

Thanks to the vision of our leadership team and our staff’s technical expertise, we continue to grow by providing solutions to our clients and by expanding our reach to solve workforce management challenges in all industries. Together, StaffBridge’s suite of products empower clients to put the right people in the right job at the right time while maximizing engagement and driving profitability.

Workforce Management Software
StaffBridge Technology allows acute and post-acute healthcare clients Manage core staff, float pool, and staffing partners, seamlessly integrating scheduling, timekeeping, and credential management into a single system.
Staffing Firm Software
Mobilize by StaffBridge is an end-to-end solution created specifically for staffing firms to automate workflow from requisition to hire and schedule to invoice. Our fully integrated ATS and VMS technology empowers agencies to manage high-volume managed service provider (MSP) contracts, and/or as a vendor-neutral staffing management solution.

More Than Technology

Implementing a new workforce management system takes time and dedication – and while your staff is made up of experts in their field, you can’t expect them to be experts in everything.

Software implementation needs for the client are something that many Software as a Service (SaaS) providers forget about, but StaffBridge takes implementation, integration, and training seriously.

With over fifty years of combined workforce management experience, we are committed to working with you.


An in-depth needs analysis is used to configure the portal to meet each client’s specific workflow. Once the portal is configured, the StaffBridge Client Success team will navigate the on-boarding process with you.

• Initial profile uploads
• Core schedule build
• Workflow support throughout the launch process

Training Services

StaffBridge provides immediate opportunity for cost savings by consolidating your workforce costs all in one system. Scheduling managers can identify open shifts at a glance and make educated decisions about overtime, float pool, and even agency usage to drive bottom-line savings.

Ongoing Services

Client feedback, coupled with our ongoing market research, puts us ahead of the game in understanding and creating products and solutions that have positive, immediate, and long-term impact on our clients’ businesses.

• Bi-weekly client meetings
• Dedicated account management
• Technical support & troubleshooting
• After-hours support
• Quarterly business reviews

System Enhancements and Upgrades

We provide continuous enhancements, maintenance updates, and new feature releases as part of all standard subscription agreements. This keeps your company operating above your competition, allowing you to provide the best service in your industry.

• Monthly maintenance updates
• Quarterly new feature and enhancement updates
• Bi-weekly or monthly stakeholder calls



Schedule a demo to learn how StaffBridge Solutions empower your organization to put the right people in the right job at the right time while driving engagement and profitability.

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