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Why Universal Staff Scheduling Slashes Overtime and Boosts Morale

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Federal law requires nursing homes and care facilities provide enough staff to adequately care for residents.

So how much is enough?

According to Medicare standards, that’s at least one RN for at least 8 straight hours a day, 7 days a week, and either a RN or LPN/LVN on duty 24 hours per day. Plus, CNA care needs to be available 24/7. Once you add in Physical Therapists and other specialist into the equation, scheduling your staff can be exhausting.

One mess up or unexpected event can lead to increases in overtime for all your staff. Not only is overtime expensive, it’s dangerous. Per a report by the RN Work Project, the risk for injury can increase by up to 32% when nurses consistently work overtime. One way to decrease overtime and injury is to carefully plan-out employee schedules. However, this work can be very time consuming and if you have multiple service providers it only gets more complicated.

With StaffBridge’s universal staff scheduling, you can ditch the complicated web of thumb tacks, sticky notes and excel sheets.

Confusing web of sticky notes

Our innovative system lets you take control of all your service providers and quickly match employees with open shifts. The best part? Your staff will be instantly notified on their mobile devices.

Staffbridge mobile notifications

Hello instant employee engagement.

In a recent Willis Towers Watson global workforce study, less than half (44%) of the U.S. healthcare workforce said they were highly engaged. This disconnect between facilities and their employees leads to increased turnover and a decrease in the efficacy of care.

StaffBridge’s user friendly cloud-based platform allows facilities to plan their entire workforce’s schedules and remain flexible to unexpected changes in availability. Having full control of the staffing process not only engages your employees, it leads to better overall patient outcomes.

Universal Staff Scheduling

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