Specialty Hospital and Rehab Facility Case Study


The Need

This Hospital felt they were spending too much money on agency staff and wanted to reduce their annual amount of agency spend.

The Solution

StaffBridge implemented its cloud-based scheduling and credential management software alongside its mobile app, improving the visibility, interaction and self-sufficiency of this client’s
staffing process.

The Benefit

The solution allows staff to plan, in advance, their own schedule and, therefore, feel more active in the staffing process. The scheduler can now be more proactive with the schedule, minimizing last minute openings and chaos.

Transformed the Internal Staffing Process

The Cloud-Based Scheduling Software and Mobile App from StaffBridge engages employees while improving overall fill rate of internal staff.

As a leader in the field, this client is a respected, reliable provider dedicated to the treatment, rehabilitation, care, education and support of individuals with complex challenges. This is achieved through effective person-centered care, efficient use of available resources, best practices and engagement with stakeholders.

For this client to reach their most effective person-centered care they knew they had to improve the scheduling process for both internal and agency staff. Administration was interested in bringing their agency usage and spend down but didn’t have a solid solution to accomplish that goal. Processes for staffing open shifts were reactive and working with agencies was manual and time consuming. As a result, shifts were double booked, and agency use was negatively impacting the bottom line.

Within two months of implementing StaffBridge’s cloud-based technology, the scheduling administrator and leadership team noticed a sharp decrease in their overall agency usage: from twenty or more agency workers a pay period to less than a handful.

This client credits the StaffBridge Mobile App with allowing their internal team to invest in driving their own availability as part of the scheduling process, which in turn increased engagement. Staff began picking up so many shifts through the StaffBridge Mobile App that their need for agency continued to subside drastically. The Scheduler has visibility into the entire workforce plan, using StaffBridge’s scheduling dashboard to update her census and see where she is either under or over staffed based on their staffing ratios. No more double booking, no more reactive agency usage and a healthier bottom line.


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