Your employees are your most valuable resource. Invest in engaging with your employees and take control of your workforce management process with the StaffBridge Internal Scheduling solution.

Automate workforce management processes to identify open shifts at a glance and gain visibility into real-time data to make educated business decisions. Optimize the mix of core and PRN staff in one seamlessly integrated scheduling and credential management system for clinical staff, float pool and non-clinical staff with complete visibility to drive bottom line savings.

StaffBridge puts you in control with customized, innovative technology to optimize your workforce. Technology driven peace of mind will allow you to sleep at night with complete confidence in knowing your shifts are covered and your patients are receiving quality care.

Engage. Measure. Optimize.


Easily create core schedules for internal and PRN staff. View scheduling gaps and available staff to fill open shifts. Consolidate staffing information in one system so leadership can stay informed.

Cost Containment

Consolidate and manage your perm, PRN, and temp workforce costs all in one system. Optimize your staffing mix and make informed decisions about overtime and temp agency usage to drive bottom-line savings.

Convenience / Engagement

Staff can access and accept schedules instantly from their mobile phone app. Immediate communication of last-minute open shifts. Improve shift fill-rates, reduce fill-time, and increase employee engagement.


Technology automates and streamlines the staffing process. Managers can proactively plan and schedule, reducing scheduling time. Employees are empowered to participate scheduling process. The result: Increased efficiency and improved patient care.

Knowledge Is Power

Imagine what you could do if your staffing data was available at the touch of a button.

StaffBridge Analytics provides visibility into real-time data across your clinical workforce. Our dashboards capture important metrics and help you understand staffing trends that empower informed decision-making.

A Paper Trail That Won’t Get Lost

Manage and track the licensure and credentials of your core and PRN employees to ensure clinical compliance and mitigate risk. Simplify the onboarding process with:

  • Mobile Credential Upload
  • Streamlined reporting and approvals
  • Automated notifications for expiring credentials
  • Reduce time spent on reporting and preparing for audits
  • Harness real-time data to increase the speed and accuracy of your PBJ reporting process

How It Works


Internal Scheduling Software
Proactively plan by viewing and managing your schedule. See and fill staffing gaps across units/departments/facilities. Create the right mix of core, PRN, and supplemental staff in one dashboard. Reduce the workload of overworked staff and engage under-utilized staff.

Mobile App

Internal Scheduling Software
Get your staff actively engaged and involved in the scheduling process and drive retention. Communicate instantly and post open shifts to a large or small number of qualified employees.

Competency & Compliance

Internal Scheduling Software
Capture and consolidate regulatory documents in one system. Don’t let missing docs put the brakes on your staffing. Easily access, track and report with automated notifications to minimize risk and ensure compliance.

Credential Management

Internal Scheduling Software
Reduce risk by actively managing licenses and credentials. Automated notifications help prevent expired documents.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Internal Scheduling Software
Visibility into real-time data provides insights into staffing effectiveness and utilization to identify opportunities for improvement.

Mobile App & Cloud-Based Software

Schedule on the fly.

With the innovative StaffBridge Mobile App, employees can see their work schedule, promote availability for self-scheduling, and accept shifts based on what works best for them. We put the power in their hands, bridging the gap between you and your workforce to create an organization that is less focused on scheduling shifts and more focused on providing quality patient care.
Access Staff Anytime Anywhere
Mobile App for Internal, Float Pool and Agency drives communication with your entire workforce.
Instant communication and acceptance of shifts
Your workforce can view and accept available shifts directly on their mobile device.
Integrate Existing Timekeeping
Timekeeping functionality connects to schedule and integrates with current payroll software.



Schedule a demo to learn how your organization will reduce overtime costs, lower agency spend and allow your leadership team to focus on growing your business.

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