Rural Medical Facility Case Study


The Need

This client needed a better way to engage and track usage of their vendor agency staff.

The Solution

StaffBridge enacted their vendor management platform automating the vendor process while tracking and storing all the vendor information in the StaffBridge system.

The Benefit

StaffBridge levels the playing field for all vendor partners, improving morale and relationships between the vendors and this client. Equal opportunity allows StaffBridge’s clients to maximize agency usage to meet census ratio requirements.

Finds Harmony in the Staffing Process

StaffBridge’s vendor management platform provides streamlined communication and visibility into the staffing process allowing both the client and vendors to improve their efficiency.

This client is a 100-bed rural medical facility with a wide range of services including a 32-bed mental health unit and a 24-hour emergency room.

Meeting the staffing needs of a hospital like this client can be a daunting task. To accomplish this, the hospital relies heavily on their affiliate vendor partners to fill in the holes left in their schedule when there is no available full-time staff to cover the shifts. Managing the use of vendor partners proved to be a struggle for the hospital. The inefficiency in this process was a source of frustration for the hospital and the vendor partners alike.

Implementing StaffBridge’s Internal and VMS Technology platforms empowered the client and the vendor partners to streamline and automate the VMS staffing process. Both the hospital and the vendors have access to StaffBridge’s cloud-based portal where they can manage open orders, promote and accept staff to orders, and track shifts worked. Transparency, access and increased visibility into open orders through the StaffBridge portal has increased their ability to fill shifts and impacted both Wagoner and the vendor partners businesses in a positive way.

The StaffBridge Mobile App, available to credentialed vendor staff, has increased engagement between agency employees and the hospital. Employees are often aware of open shifts before
their agencies are because they are checking the mobile app and matching themselves directly to open orders. Additionally, with the mobile app timecard functionality agency workers can have
their time signed off directly on the app without having to worry about paper timecards. This means less time both the medical facility and the vendor partners spend chasing down timecards
and reconciling billing.


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