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“This technology puts the power in our clients' hands, bridging the gap between the facility and their agency partners and creating an organization that is less focusedon covering shifts – and more focused on patient care,” says Kendra Hunter, the President of StaffBridge.


Specialty Hospital and Rehab Facility

Case Study

The Need

This Hospital felt they were spending too much money on agency staff and wanted to reduce their annual amount of agency spend.

The Solution

StaffBridge implemented its cloud-based scheduling and credential management software alongside its mobile app, improving the visibility, interaction and self-sufficiency of this client’s
staffing process.

Rural Medical Facility

Case Study

The Need

This client needed a better way to engage and track usage of their vendor agency staff.

The Solution

StaffBridge enacted their vendor management platform automating the vendor process while tracking and storing all the vendor information in the StaffBridge system

Post-Acute Facility in Kansas

Case Study

The Need

Facility was struggling with heavy use of agency staff to meet patient care ratios and lack of visibility into the workforce plan.

The Solution

StaffBridge implemented its cloud-based scheduling platform and mobile app increasing employee engagement, which ultimately eradicated facilities’ agency usage.

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