Specialty Hospital and Rehab Facility Case Study


The Need

Facility was struggling with heavy use of agency staff to meet patient care ratios and lack of visibility into the workforce plan.

The Solution

StaffBridge implemented its cloud-based scheduling platform and mobile app increasing employee engagement, which ultimately eradicated facilities’ agency usage.

The Benefit

The solution allows the scheduling team to streamline their process while increasing the efficiency of their own internal staff. Employees are now engaged and active in filling open shifts, allowing facility to cut its agency spend.

Increased Efficiency While Lowering Agency Usage

The StaffBridge Cloud-Based Scheduling Software and Mobile App streamlines the internal staffing process while decreasing agency usage

This client, offers independent and assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, respite and hospice care. These different levels of care are designed to provide continuous support for the changing phases of life.

Providing these different levels of care requires a coordinated, dedicated team of care specialists. To reach the highest level of patient care, consistency in staff is a must. Consistency is disrupted when a facility is forced to use an abundance of agency workers, who are not invested in the patients care and the nuances of the facility to the same degree the full-time staff are.

StaffBridge’s Technology allowed facility to fully engage underutilized internal staff through transparency and visibility into open shifts via the Mobile App. The adoption of this technology improved the consistency of care for their residents, with the added benefit of lowering their overall agency spend.

State regulations require facilities’ nursing staff maintain a specified care ratio based on the number of residents. StaffBridge Technology calculates this ratio real-time, allowing the staffing coordinators assurance they are properly staffed to ratio whether there is an uptick or a decrease in census. This proactive approach to scheduling has created efficiency in process and increased the overall quality of patient care.


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