Introducing StaffBridge, A New Standard in Staffing Technology

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StaffBridge Technology allows healthcare facilities and organizations to manage and better predict staffing and scheduling needs. The new technology especially helps acute-care, long-term care, rehab and senior living facilities create time and cost-saving efficiencies.

StaffBridge offers a unique alternative to currently available staffing solutions. Its vendor-neutral technology system can be flexibly designed to fit each client’s workforce goals. Client partners can even interface StaffBridge with their current timekeeping and EHR systems.

For clients required to submit payroll-based journaling (PBJ) reporting, StaffBridge saves time, money and resources by collecting and consolidating data in the mandated CMS format.
Organizations who choose StaffBridge enjoy a holistic user-friendly cloud staffing solution. We ensure industry-leading product quality and service. For more information contact us at 866-877-9550 or email our Vice President of Sales, Len Bates at

Read our full press release here.

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