Technology Enabled Float Pool


A well-run float pool is one of the most effective ways for a healthcare facility to reduce clinical labor cost, maintain high-quality patient care, and drive employee engagement. StaffBridge Technology provides workforce management software and mobile app tools that drive client cost savings, process efficiency, consistency in patient care, and increased employee engagement.

Benefits of a Technology Enabled Float Pool Include:

Cost Savings

More economical than having full-time employees work overtime or hiring temporary agency staff. Schedule visibility empowers managers to prioritize core and PRN staff over agency.

  • • $288.00 average savings per each 12-hour agency nurse shift replaced by a float pool nurse.
  • • $108 average saving per each 12-hour full-time nurse OT shift replaced by a float pool nurse.

Process Efficiency

Quickly adjust staffing levels based on fluctuating patient volume and FTE staffing levels to ensure to the highest possible level of patient care.

  • • Alerts provide instantly visibility to staffing shortages across units.
  • • Ability to facilitate proactively fill even last-minute shifts.
  • • Eliminates miscommunication of who is working what shift, and when.
  • • Realtime visibility for leadership to see schedules anytime and anywhere.
  • • Immediate communication of open shifts to available qualified staff via mobile app.
  • • Reduce time required to fill open shifts.
  • • Data analytics and reporting to track workforce metrics and staffing trends.

Consistency in Patient Care and Increased Employee Engagement

Qualified float pool resources that are facility oriented, provide a high-level of patient care, they are familiar with the facility, physicians, policies and procedures. As an extension of your team, engaging with these skilled resources eliminate the time it takes for your fulltime staff to train and orient temporary workers each shift, freeing up their time to focus on providing quality patient care.

  • • Decrease employee fatigue and burnout from excessive overtime.
  • • Employees can view schedules anytime, anywhere.
  • • Opens lines of communication with float pool staff to proactively pick up shifts.
  • • Increases underutilized float pool engagement and retention.
  • • Ensures float pool staff is credentialed prior to scheduling.

With over 50 years of combined Workforce Management experience, StaffBridge provides a complementary workforce analysis to identify process improvements supported by state-of-the-art technology to support you in building the optimal float pool structure to meet your facility’s needs.