Manage Staff, Vendors and Data … in One Platform

Your technology has allowed us to implement a uniform solution to staffing that is automated and real time and brought tangible and measurable improvements to our business.

Senior Living Center – Kansas City
Vendor Management
StaffBridge gives you an efficient way to manage all your contingent staffing agencies through a single portal.
Credential Management
StaffBridge technology helps to limit the risk of scheduling employees with expired credentials.
StaffBridge software allows you to see at a glance if you have too few or too many staff scheduled.
StaffBridge provides secure on-demand information access through your customized dashboard.
Mobile App
StaffBridge’s Mobile App allows you to access staff anytime anywhere.
See how our technology has helped our clients increase their efficiency and their bottom line.

Technology Optimized Workforce Solutions


Their vendor management program has created stability and accountability for the temporary employee process. Benefits we have seen include: Online credentialing, multiple reporting tools to break down usage, and one invoice to process for payment.

Long Term Care Hospital System in Fort Wayne, IN

Hidden Cost of Healthcare Staffing

At StaffBridge, we recognize that wages and benefits equal the highest percentage of cost for every organization. In health care, the need for, and availability of, highly qualified clinical staff makes identifying, hiring and retaining these employees all the more important.

Do More With Less: Complete Workforce Management

Workforce Management Illustration
  • Agency

    Confidently utilize chosen partners to manage gaps in your schedules through our fully integrated workforce management process

  • Float Pool

    Identify opportunities to utilize core staff for shifts between facilities or build a customized Float Pool to quickly adapt to schedule changes

  • Internal Staff

    Enhanced focus into allocation and availability of your core team

In the event that there is an issue, they listen to and understand vendor concerns and work diligently to resolve them. We really appreciate their industry expertise.

Nationwide Affiliate Vendor Partner

Increase Employee Engagement:
Your Colleagues Will Thank You

StaffBridge allows staff to view schedules and volunteer for shifts that are convenient for them on their mobile phone, providing them autonomy and a laser-sharp focus on what they are REALLY there for.

Why use StaffBridge Technology:

  • Credential management mitigates risk
  • Overtime and agency spend tracking
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist and support team
  • Maintain your current staffing relationships
  • Real-time data analytics measures the efficiency of each staffing partner

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